About David Hastings

David Hastings is a marine geochemist and chemical oceanographer. He landed on the shores of Tampa Bay in 2000 to teach marine science, environmental science and chemistry at Eckerd College. David Hastings started this adventure studying chemistry at Princeton University and received his Ph.D. in chemical oceanography from University of Washington. His primary research interest is paleoclimatology, understanding the history of past climate changes as revealed in ocean sediments. David Hastings also studies the impact of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on ocean sediments and microplastics in the marine environment. David Hastings believes that it is important for scientists to actively engage in policy conversations with the public and with elected officials, and the imperative of taking action in Florida to mitigate the worst impacts. David Hastings focuses on solutions in addition to laying out the scientific basis for the tremendous concern scientists have for the future of our planet. David Hastings retired from teaching at Eckerd College, a small liberal arts college in St Petersburg, FL. He likes to sing, hike, swim, canoe and kayak, and is passionate about homemade lemon sorbet.


David Hastings

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